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I greatly appreciated the opportunity to enjoy my new grand daughter in Tucson last week.  A few months earlier I got to visit my nephew and his family for the first time in 10 years in their Utah home.  My brother - his dad - lives only a few miles away.   Getting together was wonderful. Spending time with my wife and son traveling is wonderful. Once your parents are gone, the preciousness of life becomes too important to disregard or set aside.

I have become numb to those who argue about doing such things after retiring “there is plenty of time”.  There is not plenty of time. As much as I enjoy working with wood and needle workers, my life belongs to those I love. So rather than work my butt off till I’m 67 and then stop, I’d rather slow down slowly till one morning I just don’t wake up.

This old web site continues to generate a lot of business; so has our phone. We receive about 4000 emails and 600 phone calls monthly.  We do our best to cull the junk, but with little luck. 30% of all out Artisan Design hours are committed to separating the wheat from the chaff 10 - 13 hours weekly; and it becomes overwhelming. 

Ultimately this impacts our productivity and probably our image as well.   My best friend said  using his original cell number for his hobby business was biggest mistake of his career. He now has a phone specifically for contacting his work force.  I have received five nuisance calls since I started typing this. Imagine the impact when I am pushing boards through a saw or drilling holes of different sizes in a specific sequence. So is business life today.

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What’s in a name?

Israel adopted the Gazelle as it’s symbol when it was founded in 1948 because it represents the struggle to survive and the will to prosper in an unforgiving  world.

That is also a fair assessment of our “Gazelle”.

An “Artisan” is a person gifted in industrial arts.

 “Ergo” - Ergonomics: Science of the physical relationship between humans and machine. 

“Elan” Youthful verve and exuberance


When do body aches, debilitating pain and eyestrain of due to repetitive tasks become unacceptable?  Is it when one needs surgical remedy?

The U. S. Government created OSHA - the Occupational Health and Safety Administration - to establish standards for safety and health in the workplace. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has ruined many a career; it is but one of hundreds of physiological health hazards.

Artisan Design has always been about the role comfort plays in making needlework both productive and enjoyable. It’s about proficiency as well as posture and motion. 

Our needlework stands allow you to relax comfortably without twisting, leaning, bending, or stretching while stitching.   Fabric or frame weight and position is held by mechanical means, not your hand, arm and shoulder. 

Lokscroll provides quick, secure attachment without the need for sewing your workpiece in place.

Our product are designed to help you gain proficiency, avoid stress, and enjoy an altogether better stitching experience.

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