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ElanTM         The Tabletop/Lap Stand with elan!

Laura gets this special look in her eyes when she decides she’s going to stitch  with her Elan.  It’s a kind of “don’t bother me - this is what I’m doing tonite” look.

Elan has developed a following among needleworkers as a “go anywhere - do anything” needlework stand that can be used  wherever there is a place to sit.

Use it during lunch break, while you have  the camper all to yourself, while you’re waiting for Johnny to get out of detention after school.  AH - What a life!

Elan has elan - and it grows on you.

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The story began long ago after many storeowners and customers called, emailed, or wrote letters asking us if we would ever introduce a portable stand that you could carry from room to room as easily as a shoe box. They said it would be nice if something like that could hold whatever a Gazelle can hold so that it could go with them to the office or even a journey in the motorhome.  It should be compact enough to put in a tote bag, but should work just fine on any desk or table or even in your lap.


Laura got all excited about a new product; and in no time at all, she had me jumping through hoops. After she tried the first prototype, she was adamant:  We need it in production “right away”. This was one “honeydew” I would not postpone; and I was certainly not getting out of it.

I designed and built special fixtures and tooling before we we could start, but all the effort has paid off.  It became and remains our most popular needlework stand.

Elan was designed to be compact enough to go anywhere you might carry a medium to large tote.  The idea of having the positioning arm that can fit one way for use and another for stow and tote just made sense.  

The continuing popularity of Elan attests to how easy it is to bring along, but also how it is able to handle a large capacity. When the center section slides out, Elan can hold a 30” wide scroll frame.

In addition, you always have a lap if there is a chair to be found. 

I think Elan qualifies as a cool “gadget” despite being a very nicely finished piece of Red Oak architecture.  Perhaps it would be a worth addition to James Bond’s collection of “Q-s” inventions.  He could use it when there are no casinos or pretty girls around.

The name say it all: “elan” means “youthful verve and exuberance”. AMEN

When a needleworker sees an Elan the first time, the design immediately makes sense.  Simplicity is what solving problems is all about. Two hands are better than one, and having this tiny giant around lets you enjoy productive needlework when you are on the go. 

Go ahead, be youthful and exuberant - with Elan.

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